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In press and under review 

  •  Vellwocka A.E., Sonnenreichb S., Gershon S., Changa Y., Bertinettia L., Tadayona M., Ayali A., Politi Y.,  Pinchasik B.E. (2024) Wear Mechanics of the Female Locust Digging Valves: the “Good Enough” Principle. Under Review.

  •  Bleichman I., Shefi P., Kaminka G.A., and Ayali A. (2024) The visual stimuli attributes instrumental for collective motion-related decision-making in locusts. Under Review. 

  •  Klechevski C., Kats L., Ayali A. (2024) Obstacle Negotiation in Female Locust Oviposition Digging. Under Review.

  •  Ayali A., Sonnenreich S., Pinchasik B-E (2024) Bio-Inspiration Unveiled: Dissecting Nature's Designs Through the Lens of the Female Locust’s Oviposition Mechanism. Under Review. See also: bioRxiv 2024;

  •  Shefi P., Ayali A., Kaminka G (2024) Pausing Makes Perfect: Intermittent Pauses for Resilient Swarming. Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems (DARS2024). In press

  •  Das R., David I., Ayali A., Pinchasik, B-E (2024) A tentative role for vibration-based communication in locust collective behavior. See:

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