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In press and under review 

  •  Levy K., Barnea A., Tauber E., Ayali A. (2024) Crickets in the spotlight: exploring the impact of light on circadian behavior. J Comp Physiol A.  doi: 10.1007/s00359-023-01686-y. Online ahead of print.

  •  Guershon M., Francos R.M., Ayali A., Hatuka T. (2023) Locust behavior and city topology: A novel biodynamic approach for assessing urban flow. Under Review.

  •  Das R., David I., Ayali A., Pinchasik, B-E (2023) A tentative role for vibration-based communication in locust collective behavior, Under Review.

  •  Gershon, S., Bar-On, B., Ayali A., Pinchasik, B-E (2023) Asymmetry between the dorsal and ventral digging valves of the female locust: function and mechanics. Under Review.

  •  Levy, K., Wegrzyn, Y., Moaraf, S., Barnea, A., Ayali, A. (2023) When night becomes day: artificial light at night alters insect behavior under semi-natural conditions. Under Review. See also: bioRxiv 2023.11.06.565762;

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